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Can't do this I don't want to go on living without her I think I might just end it the one thing other then my son that makes me happy just broke my heart am I not allowed to be happy every time I get close to happiness something happens i can't take it I can't go on living if I can't be with her then I might as well not exist if she is better off without me then so is the rest of the world and I know if she reads this she I just going to laugh and make fun of me but it is honestly how I feel so sorry world sorry everyone for my happiness has been taken away I have lost all hope all motivation for living
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when life gives you lemons you make lemonade
when them man knocks you down you get back up
when they say stop keep going
dont let anything get you down
dont stop believing
never backdown
you are you be who you want to be
everything happens for a reason so push on
fight through it you will be ok in the end
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why is it that when I feel i have accomplished something good in my life the man always brings me down.
it like the world has no faith in me
why is it that when I do good only bad things happen
does the universe really want me to fail or is there a way to figure this out
life keeps getting me down I hope I can be found
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her love is a lie
she says she loves you
she says theres no other guy
she calls you buy another mans name and doesnt know why
is this a sign that we should be done
or is this all just for fun
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why do people do the things they do to the ones they love
why do people hurt the ones they love
why cant people tell them how they feel
why does love hurt so much
why cant people just be happy
why cant i stop feeling the way i feel
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wasted kindness
Kindness wasted
On the likes of you
Hearts broken by people like you
Over the love of you
Sick and tired
Of being treated like nothing
feeling like lost without you
love hurts
i hurt because of you
the pain wont go away
i think i shouldnt play this game
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love hurts
what should i do i dont know how to tell you that you are hurting me
i dont want to be that guy who stops you from having fun
but when your fun is hurting me what can i do
you are my love but you are my pain
you are my life but you are my death
please stop hurting me for i need you in my life
if this dosnt stop the pain wont go away
please help me free me from this pain
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push pull
why do you always push away when I need you in my life
you push when i try to pull
you cut when the rope gets to close
why cant you let me pull on that rope instead of making me fall
the rope keeps getting shorter when i need you
why do you always push me and not them
why can they pull you away they dont pull faster or harder then me
you just let them be you dont cut there rope you always pick mine
when there is none left will you cut me out of your life
why do you always cut my rope
why do you always push away when I need you in my life
you push when I try to pull you cut when I get to close
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I am writing in this journal because I feel I need an outlet for the things going on in my life.  Today I found this book and don’t know what it is yet it was just lying on the ground I know very little about it all I know is as soon as I picked it up strange things started to happen. I think I might through it out so they stop happening but who knows.
I have a secret to confess but I don’t know if I can because the secret is so big if anyone found out I might end up dead that would not be good I am scarred this secret is to big to keep but I cant tell what should I do.
So today I saw something following me it scarred me I think it is some sort of monster it followed me everywhere I went. I even think at one point I saw it go through a wall. what am I to do I don’t think anyone else can see it how can that be when it was right in front of them well I think I am going to go to bed.
I have read and tried out this book out the secrets th
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The ball bounces
I shoot I miss
It heads over the fence
I jump and stretch my arms to get it
I get it too late
I come down my finger gets impaled on the fence
Pain but I still try to play
He tells me no I say I can still go
I bleed on the court I shoot the ball
He grabs it he makes me get help
I am mad it’s not that bad
I end up going to the hospital they glue it together
I am mad I just wanted to play instead there is a delay
My anger at him is not gone on a whim.
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alien :iconpokedod:pokedod 1 3


Deadpool Facts
Deadpool Facts:
In Pamplona, Spain, the people may be running from bulls, but the bulls are only chasing them because Deadpool put red dye in all of their shampoos this morning.
Deadpool sleeps on an adamantium bed because titanium was just too soft.
Crop circles are Deadpool’s way of freaking conspiracy nuts out.
Deadpool is over six feet tall, weighs two hundred twenty pounds, and can tell Wolverine to fuck off while patting the top of his head and rubbing his stomach.
They built the Great Wall of China to tell Deadpool that he wasn’t welcome there. He didn’t take the hint.
Contrary to popular belief, Deadpool, not the box jellyfish of northern Australia, is the most venomous creature on earth. Within 3 minutes of being bitten, a human being experiences the following symptoms: bloating, constipation, and the strange feeling that they have just been on a late night talk show, and the host just didn’t know when to shut up.
If he you ask Deadpool what time it is, he&
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schemes and daydreams
dear boy-i-kissed-but-wish-i-hadn't,
oh, I knew you were a mistake right away. I knew it wouldn't end well, but I did it anyway. was it because – like lara said – I was lonely and you were there? or like you said, because it was inevitable? or even – my excuse – because I was running on 3 nights of 3 hours of sleep straight? well. even I know that's a horrible excuse. I hardly ever sleep. so I don't know why. I just know I wish now that I hadn't.
dear boy-i-never-kissed-but-wish-i-had,
oh, my dear boy. I liked you right away. I just figured I'd spend the week hopelessly dreaming after you. it never occurred to me that you'd like me back. I knew it'd end, that you'd go back to your edge of the world and I'd go back to mine and we'd never see each other again, but I fell anyway. I don't know why I never kissed you. was it because – like  our director said – we were in charge, and responsible, and that was innappropriate? or because I was bor
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